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El Paso RV Rentals

If you have never traveled in an RV, you don't know what your missing. Planning a trip across the country, visiting neighboring states, or just vacationing with the family, you will enjoy your trip in the comfort only a RV can possess.

This is an economical and fun way to experience your first RV trip or to enjoy RV trips throughout the year, without the maintenance and storage requirements of owning a RV. RV rentals are also a good way to "try before you buy" if you are interested in owning a RV of your own.

Because there are so many types of Recreational Vehicles, renting is a great option for discovering your needs and desires.  This will also allow you to test out your comfort level and become accustomed to the different driving skills needed when driving a full-blown motorcoach.

Our Motor Coach is spacious enough to offer your family ample comfort while camping, yet compact enough when "the slide" is pulled in for road travel.  This compact 24 foot model easily navigates city streets and standard parking lots. It will fit in tight camping spots and even the residential driveways of your family when you pull in from out-of-town to visit.
Don't worry, we won't let you leave town without being sure of your ability to not only drive and stop the vehicle, but to avoid accidents and keep your family safe on the road. We encourage you to ask questions and take your time "test driving."

If you are looking to buy a RV, this is a fantastic way to build your comfort zone with a product!  Or if you already know you love RVing, but you don't want to maintain one, you can rent and the only thing you will have to wash is the dishes.